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Have you watched a Bollywood film, spotted a trend or simply feel very strongly about an issue in the Indian film industry? We invite you a send us a blog post.

  • This section is open to everybody who want to pen down anything that they feel strongly about but don’t want to go through the trouble of opening a blog account for that one blog post.
  • Just send your blog to us and we will publish it.
  • To get published on our platform, you need to meet a minimum standard of writing English.
  • We will not be responsible for any consequences arising out of the blog post.
  • Blogs that deal with Bollywood, Indian cinema will be considered.
  • We won’t change your post in any way unless we spot a major grammatical error or a factual error.
  • In case, we think that some of the facts mentioned in your blog post is wrong or erroneous, we will send the blog back to you.
  • Anonymous blogs will not be published, you will have to reveal your identity to us.

We will send you a link of the post once we publish it for you to put it up on your social media handles.

So, pick up the keyboard and send in your stuff to



Let us know whether you liked the post or not

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