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The services we offer at Bollywood Journalist

Bollywood Journalist is the first news wire service in the country that provides exclusive Bollywood coverage from Mumbai. Contact us for exclusive news, video and photo feed for website or publication. We also provide content designed exclusively for mobile devices.

BollywoodJournalist.com is a team of professional senior and experienced reporters and sub-editors who have joined hands to provide exclusive, customized content to websites and magazines. We also specialise in producing mobile content, photos and videos about Bollywood.


All our reporters and sub-editors have 10+ years of work experience as a journalist in Mumbai.

The content that we provide are ready-to-use, exclusive and tailor-made to suit the needs of your publication or site.

Contact: Editor@BollywoodJournalist.com to enquire about our exclusive Content services

We specialise in delivering exclusive Bollywood content at a very nominal cost. Hiring us is like having your own Bollywood News and Features Bureau in Mumbai to supply you exclusive content. Hiring us will mean that you don’t need to hire a team or individual reporters. We will get the job done at less than half the price that you will need to hire reporters and sub-editors who have less than half the experience that our reporters and sub-editors have

The editorial team at Bollywood Journalist consists of experienced editors and senior journalists with rich extensive experience spanning at least a decade in the best media houses of the country including Times of India group, India Today group, DNA, Asian Age, CNN-IBN Group, Indian Express group and Hindustan Times.

Together we will get you everything that you always wanted from Bollywood — right from an interview to a special photo-shoot with a A-list star. We can get you raw and/or edited video footage, news articles, interviews, features and photographs from Bollywood as it happens where it happens..


We can also get you the best Bollywood movie reviews in the country. If you want cartoons from Bollywood, then we are there too with a solution.

Rest assured, YOU will stay ahead of your competition if you subscribe to our news service.

The fee that we charge is nominal considering the other news services in the country that specialise in general news. We are a start-up, hence our prices are low.


Take advantage of our special prices before we revise the rates.




List of our services (expect it to be revised if you have a special need from us)

1. Text:

We specialise in Bollywood related content and supply Bollywood related content to other websites. The content that we produce include…

  • Exclusive interviews with Bollywood stars,
  • Exclusive Bollywood News and Breaking News
  • Feature stories about Bollywood
  • One-off, weekly, fortnightly and monthly guest blogs/columns from celebrity writers, actors and directors. 
  • Bollywood event coverage or any special report

2. Photo:

We have a team of photographers who can click you any picture that you want from anywhere you want. We have fashion photographers, paparazzi and news photographers in our team. We are also well connected with photo agencies.

  • Exclusive and event-related pictures of Bollywood stars and events.
  • Exclusive photo-shoots of Bollywood stars.
  • Photo-shoots by celebrity Bollywood photographers.
  • Paparazzi pictures from Bollywood.
  • Any special picture that you need.
  • Archival pictures of Bollywood stars and events.
  • Vintage pictures of Bollywood stars and events

3. Movie Reviews:

We have an expert team of movie reviewers working with us who can review a movie and upload the review within the first day of a film’s release. 

  • Movie reviews by experienced reviewers
  • Movie reviews by celebrity reviewers
  • Video movie reviews
  • Only audio reviews (or Voice Overs only)
  • Customised Movie Reviews.

4. Video:

Our video services include collection of raw footage or shooting of footage from any event in Mumbai or anywhere in India. We also have partner presence in some parts of the world including London, UK and Los Angeles (USA) and we can source you raw footage from events events held there. We also have experts who can edit your footage and make it ready for your channel. We also offer anchoring/voiceover services for your video. 

  • Raw and edited video footage of Bollywood events
  • Video blogs by celebrities and experienced Bollywood reporters
  • Video coverage of any Bollywood related event
  • Video coverage of your event.
  • Special/funny/customised Video blogs/reports for your YouTube channel/website

5. Press Release Services:

You can hire us to feed the numerous websites and publications that have access to our press release services. Our press release services also include Video, text, photo, audio and mixed content. We can also prepare the press release for you and send it to all publications and websites that carry Bollywood related content.

6. Social Media Updates:

You can hire us to regularly update your social media with relevant content. We ensure that your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram pages are always updated with relevant content and constantly driving engagement from your users. 

  • Relevant and regular updates
  • Special updates as per your needs
  • Special content creation for your social media
  • Constant engagement with your audience.
  • Feedback compilation from your customers.

7. Social Media Marketing:

We have expert social media marketers at our office who use social media to reach a wider base. We undertake all kinds of targets to meet your demands on social media. 

  • Using Facebook/Instagram/Twitter to reach your audience base.
  • Get organic/inorganic followers for your social media.
  • Create customer base/database through Facebook and Twitter.
  • Use other handles/influencers to push your product.
  • Getting customers to buy your product or services through social media.