This domain is for sale!

By Team @bollyjourno

The second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic has been brutal not only on people but on business houses as well.

We, at Bollywood Journalist, also couldn’t bear the brunt as our team members suffered from Covid-19 related complications and we were forced to stop delivery of content. When all of these were over, we discovered that we are no more financially viable to run a business organisation as we had run through our cash reserves as we had continued to pay to our staff during the difficult times. We don’t regret our decision to pay during the pandemic, it was our moral duty to do so. But post the second wave, it wasn’t feasible to continue with our business.

Hence we are shutting down our operations and have taken the difficult decision to put this website up for sale.

Along with the website, bundled as an offer, the Twitter handle (@bollyjourno), the Facebook Page and a business email ID come free (synced with Google Workplaces along with its allied workplaces like G-Drive, G-Calendar etc.).

The website was set up in 2014 and its other digital properties were established around the same time. All have a long-standing and verified web-presence.

The base price for the domain as well its digital properties is Indian Rupees 5 lakhs or $6800 or €4300.
(Note approximates have been considered because of standard currency exchange rate fluctuations in the market).

Please also note that the current website content is not sale and this website is on

Please email your quotations to

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