Five things you didn’t know about Aamir Khan

Mr Perfectionist has a lot of things about himself that very few friends know about. Aamir Khan generally doesn’t share a lot of things about himself. Here are very unknown things about Aamir that we are sure you were not aware about.

Aamir is very active on Facebook : Aamir Khan is not at all active on Twitter but he regularly checks his Facebook account. Though he has a page that is verified and he also has a personal profile which he checks regularly.

Aamir’s email ID has his nickname : Aamir’s personal email ID has his pet name associated with it. If you know his pet name then you know his personal email ID too.

Aamir hates mobile phones : Aamir Khan hates long conversations on mobile phones. In fact, if you call him on his mobile phone then you will be very lucky to have him pick it up and converse with you for more than five minutes.

He is a reluctant marketing maven : A lot of producers come to Aamir for tips on marketing their movies. Some also ask him to be their consultant for the same. However, Aamir Khan is too reluctant to be a marketing maven. If you get a marketing tip from Aamir Khan then you would be too lucky. 

Aamir loves Biriyani : Aamir Khan loves gorging on a mean mutton Biriyani. However there are too many restrictions that he has imposed on himself when he is shooting for a film. But place a plate of piping hot Biriyani in front of him and he is unlikely to say no. 

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