Brand Kangana versus Brand Hrithik during this public spat

By Reeta D Gupta

Reeta D Gupta

Reeta D Gupta

As Kangana Ranaut receives yet another national award, for yet another superlative performance, we took a look at her brand monitor and that of Hrithik.

Luckily, opinions are passé. Theres data to evaluate everything. First, a little bit of old world wisdom.

When two people fight, the winner is always someone else.

A snapshot of three different points in time, reveals the following comparison of search interest of Kangana Ranaut (KR), Hrithik Roshan (HR) and Adhyayan Suman (AS).

For the week, 24th May to 30th May 2015, KR=65, HR=44 and AS =0
For the week, 4th Oct to 10th Oct 2015, KR=15, HR=55, AS=1
For the week 24th April to 30th April 2016, KR=70, HR=65, AS=14

The biggest gainer is neither Hrithik nor Kangana. Its Adhyayan. And there will be many more such people who will gain from this war. Lawyers, past associates etc;

For now, lets delve deeper into their brand attributions. Here’s what the digital world throws up on the Kangana-Hrithik controversy.

kangana-hritikThe data presented here are the average for a 24-hour period yesterday. Due to constant coverage and statements, the data keep changing.

  1. At 27 seconds per average mention in the digital space, Hrithik Roshan is ahead of Kangana Ranaut’s 37 seconds per mention. To put that into perspective, Sunny Leone is ahead of both at 22 seconds per mention.
  2. On an average, for every mention of Hrithik, 82% are neutral, 11% are positive and 7% are negative. For Kangana, 93% are neutral, 6% are positive and 1% is negative.
  3. An analysis of the headlines of powerful regional media houses across India is interesting. There has been no shaming or moral high ground. Funnily enough, it is the more evolved Twitter audience that resorted to #characterlesskangana. A sample of headlines from leading regional dailies is as follows: A. Dainik Bhaskar: Hrithik’s Public Spat with Kangana Has Caused Massive Professional Damage to the Actor
    B. Dainik Jagran: Kangana will not bow down, said her lawyer on the Hrithik issue.
  4. A part of the reason could be that Kangana has won the national award thrice for her powerful performances.
  5.  Heres something interesting. Data shows that interest in Kangana comes from Mizoram, Goa, Manipur, Himachal Pradesh, Assam and Uttarakhand. Regional interest in Hrithik comes from Orissa, Goa, West Bengal, Chattisgarh, Jharkhand, Kerala and Maharashtra. This is like two different sets of universes with an overlap in Goa.
  6. On the likelihood of being discussed by others in social media, Hritik is at 48% and Kangana is at 68%.
  7. On the likelihood of a ‘small group of people’ repeatedly discussing you, and mentioning you in social conversations, Hrithik is at 81% and Kangana is at 56%.
  8.  As a consequence of the above, Kangana’s reach at 32% is higher than Hrithik’s reach at 10%. This means that a larger group of people is contributing to conversations around Kangana.
  9. For the first time in a 12-month period, Kangana has equalled Deepika Padukone on ‘interest’ in popular search across India. However, to give you perspective, if Kangana and Deepika are at 10 points, Priyanka Chopra is at 20 and Sunny Leone is at 85.
  10. For the first time in a 12 month period, Hrithik has equalled Aamir Khan on ‘interest’ in popular search across the country. However, to give you perspective, if Hrithik and Aamir both are at 10 points, Salman is at 40 and Shah Ruck is at 55.

Coming up next: the attributes that brand Kangana and brand Hrithik are perceived to have. We follow this up with a few well-meaning suggestions to both; on coming out of this crisis.


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