Celebrities who have pitched for a dry Holi

Given the current water crisis across the country, several Bollywood celebrities have rooted for a dry Holi this year and have urged everybody not to use water while taking part in the festival of colours. 

Here are some prominent celebrities who have strongly come out in support of having a dry Holi in the recent days.


Dia Mirza : She recently sent out a tweet saying that we should ‎play Holi without water given the fact that the water crisis is looming large over the Marathwada region. However her tweets were received with cynicism on Twitter and she was trolled for the comment by numerous users. The trolling reached such a proportion that Dia Mirza started trending nationally. Dia clarified her tweets and even apologized for hurting sentiments.  Come on guys, she is speaking sense! Post her remarks several Bollywood celebrities came out and endorsed her view.


Aamir Khan : Aamir Khan in a video clip has urged his fans to go for dry Holi keeping the current water situation in mind. He has reminded everybody to be responsible towards the country and specially towards the western region of the country which is facing a possible drought this year.


Mika Singh : The singer has urged everybody not to use water this Holi and play it only with colours. According to the singer this is a socially responsible thing to do this year.


Amitabh Bachchan : The senior Bachchan has tweeted that he will not be using water in his home because he wants to set an example of playing Holi and observing the festival without wasting water. Surely he is taking the lead of creating a great example.


Shabana Azmi : The actress said that the tradition of playing holi at her household was started by her father, late poet Kaifi Azmi who had propagated the idea of observing the festival with traditional, organic colours and no water. Shabana said that this year she is strictly standing by that tradition keeping in mind the water shortage our country is facing.

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