The trials of Reshma


You don’t need to look at her picture so closely. Come on, you know her!

She is Reshma, the most popular pornstar India had known before Sunny Leone.

This actress still rules the Indian online porn scene even though she has quit two decades back.

Popularly known as the most beautiful B-grade actress from the south, Reshma’s semi-porn movies were always super duper hits.

Even now, an average Indian man with an internet connection hits her video clips with alarming regularity.

There’s no doubt that she was on top of her game when she was in the business.

Chances are that you have seen ‘her’ numerous times. But we are sure, none of you have tried to find out where and how she is.

Today, we will tell you that story.

We understand that she is a porn star and you don’t prefer to read or talk about her in public.

But still, we thought we should tell you.

The rise of Reshma


Reshma during the early days of her career

The reason why this girl joined the porn industry was pretty simple. She wanted to become an actress, failed and was eventually lured into the business by pimps who promised her good money.

That is pretty much everybody’s story in the business.

But then, there was something about Reshma that most other porn actresses lacked.

Firstly, she was very fair unlike the other girls and secondly, she was exceedingly beautiful given the standards of the girls working in the Malayalam soft-porn industry during the 1990s.

Within a couple of years of her stepping into the industry, the reigning queen Shakeela, saw a sharp decline in her popularity.

Shakeela eventually bowed out from the competition.

Given the fact that Reshma was more daring with her co-stars and more camera friendly, she commanded somewhere around Rs 5 lakhs per film during 1998-99. The remuneration was very high even by today’s standards. But Reshma was riding high on a boom that was propelling the south Indian (specially Malayalam) porn industry at that time.

The supply of Indian porn has always been pitifully short of the demand from the sex-starved Indian male audience and this had made the industry very cash rich during the late nineties.

Reshma was the undisputed queen of the south Indian porn industry till early-2000.

After that, it all went downhill.

The fall of Reshma


Reshma at the fag end of her career

Reshma’s fall was also typical but it had its usual twist.

‘High-speed’ internet (which was good enough speed to play a video) started making a rapid headway into Indian desktops at the turn of the millennium. Most men started preferring to wait for their videos to buffer than buy porn CDs.

This free access to online porn eventually killed the south Indian soft porn industry.

As the industry went bankrupt, Reshma too faced the same fate.

Unlike Silk Smitha or Shakeela, she was never replaced by a younger actress with better assets. Instead, the industry got rid of itself completely.

Reshma — like most of her colleagues— took the next best option to sustain herself. She allegedly became a sex-worker.

A handful of former porn actresses joined Reshma and they operated out of upscale apartments in Bangalore and Cochin.

But one day, she got busted.

Reshma in police custody

Reshma in police custody

On December 14, 2007, the police picked her up from a rented apartment at Kakkanad in Cochin. Two other girls, Ramya and Simran, (both former porn actresses) were arrested along with her. Two alleged pimps or ‘managers’ were arrested too.

Reportedly, the businessmen or the clients who were rounded up in the raid were let off by the police immediately.

What happened next was bizarre.

The police leaked the information of her arrest to the media and hundreds of people gathered at the police station to get a glimpse of her.

As she took refuge inside the police station to save herself from the mob, it was the turn of the cops to take over.

Okay, accepted that police often brag about these ‘catches’ in the media, thump their chests and pat their backs. But then, what the cops did to her, crossed all limits of decency.

An investigating officer took out his phone and started recording the interrogation. He asked her all sorts of nonsensical questions… and then the video was leaked.

We managed to trace the video. Look at how the cops are insulting Reshma and her friends while filming her without her consent.

Here’s that infamous video.

Reshma was charged under various sections of the IPC including ‘soliciting clients for sex’.

She was granted bail and then, a year later, she vanished.

Nobody heard of her after that. Nobody knows where Reshma went.

Sources say that Reshma came back to her hometown Bangalore and wanted to start life afresh. Her family apparently disowned her and she struggled for the next five years to make ends meet.

May be, she has chosen a life of anonymity.

But the incident at the police station surely changed her life forever.

Isn’t video recording a woman while interrogating her at the police station amounts to torture?

Was that the end of it or she was subjected to more torture while in custody?

When you watch her porn videos next, ask yourself these questions at least once.

Sorry for ruining your mood but we felt that the story needed to be told.

If you search the internet there are several such videos where the police have released videos of hapless sex workers just for kicks.

This is a time when we should pause and think whether there should be a stricture given to police personnel in India to treat their ‘catches’ with dignity, irrespective of their gender. 

We guess it is too much to ask for these days.


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  1. Truly a thought provoking and moving article that is so rare in this era of planted sponsored stories and paid advetorials passed of as Breaking News stories by Paid & Laid Presstitutes who are nothing more than wined and dined pimps holding mikes pretending to be Journalists from Channels that are nothing more than Sleaze Circus masquerading as News or Entertainment Channels.
    Coming back to the Subject on Hand now that EKTAA KAPOOR & VIDYA BALAN got Respectability to SILK SMITHA even if it was posthumous… just like MAHESH & POOJA BHATT white washed pornstar SUNNY LEONE blue past and brought Her into mainstream Bollywood why must RESHMA be looked down upon for what many Actresses are doing freely until they are caught with their Panties down…Some leading actresses even keep returning back to the same trade in a new avataar because that is all they are good at off-screen.
    If SHAKEELA can have her own Autobiography published as ‘NATI SHAKEELA ATMA KATHE and SILK SMITHA could have an exclusive Supplement published on Her Life & Times & The Dirty Picture Dedicated To Her Memory then Why oh Why Is RESHMA still treated as a pariah dog?
    Even If She turned into a Callgirl in troubled times nobody has any business to Shame Her the ways the Cops did…Why don’t Cops Name & Shame the well Heeled Clients who are also caught with their pants down along with these Celebrity Escorts? Afterall isn’t the Sex trade all about Demand & Supply? So doesn’t that make the clients, the pimps and the callgirls equally to blame-Then why must the poor callgirls alone suffer the Shame while all others go Scotfree?
    Surely RESHMA deserves a well researched book just as SHAKEELA has to Her credit afterall She is indeed a Pioneer..Why must We Wait for Her to be no more before Her story is told in a biography or by some street smart cookie like EKTAA KAPOOR to make Dirty Picture Reloaded Inspired By RESHMA like She got Inspired by SILK SMITHA!!!”


  2. i was watching her bold scenes to satisfy my self, while watching i realized this is unreal..i just thought no body intently want to enter into porn industry …i saw her pain while acting…then i started searching about her found your article..i really like your words..

    i don’t want to give any suggestions but once ask your inner feelings..that will make all the difference..


  3. This is a very good post. I felt really sad to see the video. Meanwhile, she still seemed very beautiful to me. I really hope that she is alive and well wherever she is now. The cop interrogating her mentioned to have her CD while defaming her, wtf? Indian Police should be more decent. Shame on them.


  4. i like reshma so much than any other indian porn actress. she is beauty,so sexy acting as reality. she is realy so hot indian pornstar i,ve seen but unfortunately police arrest reshma for illigal sex crime! i want to back her again!


  5. Well written piece..If only she was alive I would havereported this at HRC..which in anycase should have taken suo moto action..even Kerala high court could have acted against these jerks in uniform violating law


  6. Thanks for latest update for Mallu “Reshma”
    I know she is doing wrong, but still SOMETHING IS WRONG with her.
    She is Missing….?
    Or She is Dead….?
    who one person solve the Problem….


  7. Could you do More research on her current state so that people can like the ones who have commented can offer any help if needed


  8. One of the better articles I have read in recent times. We are full of hypocrites, we don’t mind letting go the clients but wouldn’t spare her. Shame on us!

    Really feeling sorry for the lady. I wasn’t aware of her as I hardly saw South Indian porn, I always found two constipated dinosaurs having some kind of wrestling match in those films. Very sad!


    • Guilt? I had a blast whacking off to her videos. In fact, I’m heading over to xnxx to help myself once more… see ya suckers.


    • Your humble and true… But at this juncture of time remorse and anxiety are just mere words… God bless all who are at least trying to be righteous.


  9. we should show respect her….after all she entertained us…. please find her….I am really shocked to see this video….


  10. I’m a die hard fan of her skills n beauty…She did nothing wrong but after reading this post I am worried about her. I pray for her to be safe and fine. Now, I hv so love for this lady as a human.


  11. Dear Soumyadipta you posted a perfect report. God Bless You! 🙂

    I am 32 and still bachelor, if Reshma or anyone in contact with her reads this… Please know or let her know that I would love to be her life partner and love to make her my life partner…. In simple words I would love to marry her…. Hope she gets my message and replies…
    God Loves You & Bless You Reshma ❤




  13. Exactly true.. I feel pity for her that she had to face all those police atrocities and live a life of anonymosity. Her eyes and smiles are still very lovely. Hardcore pornstars like Sunny leone are made popular and considered stars while our beauty here just vanishes. I hope she resurfaces again someday with a life of dignity. Wish her luck wherever she is!


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