These 10 quotes prove that Saif Ali Khan is a true Nawab!

He’s a Nawab, not
only by birth but even by the way he lives and speaks. Saif Ali Khan is a
journalist’s delight. Not one to mince his words and feelings, Saif is as
honest, straightforward and delightfully candid as it gets. If you don’t
believe us, take a look at some of the fiery and intelligent, yet
straight-from-the-heart statements of His Highness!

“I feel I should have listened to the script (of Humshakals) more carefully and told
Sajid (Khan) what I felt, which I didn’t do. I think the film should have been
funnier. Unfortunately, it wasn’t. The jokes and the humour weren’t very funny.”

“I wouldn’t call myself a superstar; Aamir, Shah Rukh and
Salman are superstars because their films make 200-300 crores. My films don’t
make that kind of money at the box office. Just that my surname is the same as
theirs but my box office isn’t.”

“I just didn’t know what was going on in the ’80s and the
‘90s. They are definitely not the best decades of Hindi cinema. I had no clue
or idea about what I was doing. I learnt things much later. I didn’t fit into
that era.”

“We should stop calling ourselves Bollywood because we are
a nation that hasn’t been consumed by Hollywood. It’s not that Hollywood has
eaten up the rest of the world. We have been a proper film industry.”

“It’s interesting to not have your wife as your co-star
all the time. You don’t want to work with your wife all the time. So yeah I get
to romance other lovely ladies while she is romancing some other handsome boys

“We don’t have an open marriage but we do have an open
career and that’s the way it should be. I think if we had that equation of
being phenomenal together on screen then things would have been different. But
I would rather come home to Kareena than just work with her on the sets.”

“I will be happy to approach Amrita (Singh) if the script
demands her presence and if there is a role that suits her because she has
always been a terrific actor. Bebo is far too sorted and comfortable with all
that. She’s very comfortable with me, my life, my kids, everybody.”

“Bebo is a huge superstar today, but if she needs any
help, she does talk to me not because I am senior in the profession but because
I have a different approach, so sometimes; it’s reassuring for her to hear
another take on the same issue.”

“I have never looked to make friends in this industry. But
there are people who I am extremely fond of. Friendship has to be a two-way
thing. If there is mutual love and respect then why not?”

“I have changed from what I was when I came in the
industry. I have grown up to a better actor I guess. I know my responsibilities
well and I feel I look more like a hero today than ever before and I feel like
one as well. I would like to be more punctual and professional.”

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