Aamir says he will direct, but not soon!

Well that’s some not-so-good news for the fans of the superstar who had been eagerly waiting for him to wield the director’s megaphone


The last time Aamir Khan directed a film was eight years ago. We all know how Taare Zameen Par had left the audience teary-eyed. The film showcased brilliant directorial skills of Aamir who even acted in it and did a fantastic as a sympathetic teacher.

No wonder, his fans have been waiting since long to see their favourite blockbuster Khan direct a film again, especially since the gap has been long enough. Eight years since Taare Zameen Par, but Aamir seems to be in no mood to wield the megaphone anytime soon, and this comes straight from the horse’s mouth.

When asked by a media person recently about when he plans to direct next, what Aamir said will leave his fans disappointed. “Not for some years, guys. I am enjoying myself as an actor right now and if I direct a film, it will take me two or three years to direct a film. Now you are already complaining that I am not doing a film this year, and if I direct films, five years are gone. I’ll direct later, not right now. But I want to direct for sure.”

Well, that assurance from Aamir should give some respite to his fans who are waiting with bated breath to see the superstar direct in the future. All we can hope is that he directs sooner than expected!

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