Aamir Khan: Quality of promotions is more important than quantity!

According to Aamir Khan, the sustained promotions of films might not bring in the best results.


If there is any actor who knows film-making and its mathematics in-and-out then that has to be Aamir Khan. The superstar is known to have a sharp business acumen about how to promote his films ensuring that it not only does justice to the genre but also positively affects the first day box office figures.

Aamir, unlike his contemporaries, doesn’t believe in the hard-sell concept. The actor believes in quality rather than the quantity. “For me, the quality of promotion is more important. Quantity is not ever to be considered. Each film has different importance.”

Giving examples of his recent releases, Aamir goes on to explain the idea behind his strategies. “If we market Dhobi Ghat like Dhoom 3, it will be very wrong marketing. So you have to be honest with your product; each film has its own requirement. The important thing is whether you are doing the appropriate kind of marketing. If your marketing is appropriate, your first day numbers will reflect that.”

Well, we think it’s time for actors and filmmakers, who spend insanely and exorbitantly on pre and post-release promotions of their films, they need to learn a lesson or two on marketing their projects from Aamir.

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