Aamir Khan’s troubled relationship with his dad

Aamir Khan with his dad Tahir Hussain

Aamir Khan with his dad Tahir Hussain

In the earlier post, I was telling you the story of how Aamir Khan’s younger brother Faisal Khan went missing and then traced at a farmhouse near Khandala two days later.

After he was found, the police took Faisal under their protective custody and later produced him at the court. Interestingly, both Tahir Hussin and Aamir Khan filed separate court applications seeking Faisal’s custody.

While Aamir Khan said in his custody application that Faisal is suffering from Schizophrenia induced fear-psychosis, his father on the contrary, claimed that Faisal is okay and just suffering from depression.

The court admitted both the applications and decided to wait for the medical report from JJ Hospital on Faisal’s mental health. In the meantime, the court recorded Faisal’s statement and there he went all out against his elder brother. Faisal told the court that he wanted to live with his father.

The court decided to wait for the medical report from JJ Hospital first and barred both Aamir and Tahir from visiting him. Only a close friend had visitation rights.

Aamir’s father wins the custody battle

Aamir at Bandra Metropolitan Court

Aamir at Bandra Metropolitan Court on October 30, 2007

The medical report from JJ Hospital finally arrived and it said that Faisal indeed suffers from Schizophrenia and needs to be under constant care and attention. But while deciding who he will stay with, the court decided to rely more on Faisal’s statement. The court also ignored the point in Aamir’s application that his father was financially incapable to take care of his brother.

Aamir made a much publicised courtroom appearance with his body-guards when he was fighting the case against his father while seeking Faisal’s custody. Here is a  picture (left).

This was the tipping point of the controversy because Tahir and Faisal kept on repeating in front of the media that Aamir was trying to arm-twist Faisal into living with him. A section of the media continued to carry Faisal and Tahir’s statements attacking his brother.

Aamir finally lost the custody of Faisal to his father, and it was just after this, Aamir’s family and extended family members issued a strong statement against Tahir rubbishing all the claims made by him against his son.

The statement was signed by 22 members of the Khan family and their relatives, which included his mother Zeenat, sister Nikhat, Mansoor Khan, ex-wife Reena, his wife Kiran, sister Nikhat and his bhanja Imran Khan.

Aamir’s statement against his dad has been uploaded on a separate page, to read it, just click on the word, statement.

This is the only time, Aamir went all out against his father. A section of the press had a field day reporting on the incident and some didn’t show restraint despite the fact that a sick person was getting affected by it.

However, even as Faisal walked out with his father, the problem was far from over.

Over the next year, Faisal was repeatedly brought in front of the TV cameras to talk about Aamir Khan. Here is one such video where Faisal attacks his brother brazenly. With nobody restraining him, he did it umpteenth number of times during that period.

This video will also prove that despite Faisal failing to bring forth any proper allegation against his elder brother and court accepting the fact that he is not well, a section of the media tried flogging the issue to make it into a controversy.

What’s more sad is that a section of the media was making a sick person give in to his fear psychosis knowing fully well that he is very vulnerable. 

Aamir Khan’s apprehensions come true

As Aamir had hinted in his court application, Tahir submitted another application at the Metropolitan Magistrate’s court saying that he wants to withdraw the custody application of Faisal. Tahir said that he has not been able to get in touch with his son for over 15 days (during the court’s custody period of a month). After a month, Faisal was supposed to get a check-up done again at the JJ Hospital to determine his mental health.

After Tahir filed the application, the press finally started showing some restraint in reporting the developments as by then everybody had got the idea that Faisal needs to be taken care of . A lot of senior members of the press realised that what Aamir was genuinely concerned about his brother.

However, Faisal again refused to go with his star brother and filed another application in the court saying that he wants to stay on his own. The court again granted him the permission and Faisal went to stay at a rented apartment at Tilak Nagar in Chembur.

Though the mainstream media by then had started to withdraw from reporting about Faisal, he continued to give out statements alleging that he is normal and his brother is trying to subdue him. But by then those statements had become less frequent.

About six months later, it was reported that Aamir was trying to reach out to his brother again. Faisal was living in Bandra East at that time and he too had realised that he needs Aamir back in his life.

Faisal returns home

Aamir and Faisal finally reconciled as the latter was spotted dropping onto the sets of 3 Idiots to check on his brother often. They appeared to be cordial with each other. It was already 2009 and towards the end of that year, Faisal moved back to Bella Vista, Aamir’s second flat in Bandra West.

The following year, Tahir Hussain passed away on February 2, after suffering a massive heart attack.

It is now learnt from common friends that a month before his death, Tahir had longed to be with Aamir’s mother and his sons. He divorced his first wife and came back to the same Bella Vista apartment.

Just before his father passed away, it was one happy reunion of the Khan family.

In the end, like our Bollywood films, it was a happy ending.

We are told that Faisal is happy under his brother’s care. He continues living at Bella Vista and understands that he needs to be taken care of. He lives a very quiet life.

Before we go, here’s a video for all Aamir Khan fans. Here’s Aamir Khan receiving his first Filmfare award for the most ‘sensational debut’. You can scroll to 5.45 minutes to see Aamir coming on stage from to receive the award from Jeetendra. Don’t miss Aamir giving an interview to Dilip Tahil post the award (scroll to the eighth minute)

Enjoy the video. 

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  1. Interesting post. Have followed Aamir for a decade thru’ media — and have read quite a bit about his public and personal life; mid-day website gave a lot of inside stories on Faisal case. But there seems to be a small mistake in the write up above,one line : ‘It is now learnt from common friends that a month before his death, Tahir had longed to be with Aamir’s mother and his sons. He divorced his first wife and came back to the same Bella Vista apartment.’

    Aamir’s mother Zeenat is the first wife and she and her four children are the primary family. The late Tahir Husain married another lady, after the children had grown up, and had a son Hyder Ali, who even attempted a film career, unsuccessfully. Before his death, Tahir saab returned to his primary family and first wife Zeenat. At least this is what the media has said, overall.


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