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aamir (275x339)In the blog post last week (The silent Khan), we were discussing about the sudden murmur that emanated during Ghajini promotion of Jiah Khan being Aamir Khan’s step-sister. The tabloids alleged that Aamir’s father, Tahir Hussain had once dated Jiah Khan’s mother Rabiya Amin (that was her maiden name) when he was making a film with her called Dulha Bikta Hai in 1982.

I am sure that you have heard it already that Jiah Khan’s mother used to be a small-time Bollywood actress during the 1980s. Her most famous film till date remains the award-winning film Ankush that starred Nana Patekar in a pivotal role. Rabiya played the love interest of Bengali actor Arjun Chakraborty in the film which hit the screens four years after Dulha Bikta Hai. Here is a clip of Rabiya and Arjun from the film Ankush.

Coming back to the scandal, though Rabiya kept quiet about the issue but a quick response from Jiah and later Aamir’s father put the whole controversy to rest. Ghajini went on to break records at the box office.

However this was not the first time that Aamir suddenly found himself in the eye of a storm because of his father.

Why Aamir dissociated himself from his father

The murmurs of trouble in paradise first came to the fore when a notice appeared on behalf of Aamir Khan in a leading trade journal, where he claimed that he is not a part of his father’s financial deals. This was just a year after the release of Lagaan.

It was public knowledge that Tahir was trying to make a film even though his earlier film project didn’t get a buyer. When the financiers learnt that Aamir is not a part of Tahir’s plans, they all wanted to pull out. When this development reached Aamir’s ears, he immediately issued a public notice that stated that he is not a part of his father’s business dealings.

A day after the notice appeared, Tahir downplayed the incident in the media saying that it was on his insistence that his son had put out that notice. However, nobody at that time believed his version.

But despite these differences, Aamir and his father still maintained a cordial relationship till the latter decided to do something more drastic.

Before we go into that incident, here are some images of Aamir Khan and his father Tahir Hussain.

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In a shocking turn of events, Tahir Hussain decided to leave Aamir’s mother Zeenat for a much younger Shahnaz. Though Tahir had been in the news because of his affairs from time-to-time, this report of him moving out shocked everybody. Even though Tahir needed to be under the care of his eldest son, he moved out of the Bandra home and started staying in a flat in Versova with his second wife. Since Tahir was already a senior citizen by that time, the scandal generated considerable buzz in the industry.

Aamir, as usual, kept his head down and went about doing his job. He was taking care of his brother, Faisal Khan who was suffering from schizophrenia and at the same time, clearing off some of the loans incurred by his father. While Tahir continued to do his own thing, Aamir always kept quiet about his dad.

Industry friends say that Aamir tried to rehabilitate his brother by helping him start a goat farm after Faisal’s unfortunate divorce, but it failed. Aamir paid off all the dues after the business went kaput.

Unlike his son, Tahir was always accessible to the media as they would continue to speculate about his personal life and the relationship that he shared with his father. In spite of Aamir’s best efforts to keep away from the rumours originating because of his father, he used to face a lot of uncomfortable questions from the press.

For people who don’t know, Tahir had produced an Aamir Khan film called Hum Hai Rahi Pyar Ke which was a huge box office hit. He had also produced another film called Tum Mere Ho (in 1990 which starred Juhi Chawla) but it was a flop.

Soon after Tahir moving out, another  incident ensured that the father-son relationship would reach rock bottom.

Aamir’s brother Faisal Khan goes missing

On October 13, 2007, the Deputy Commissioner of Police (West Mumbai) Vinay Kumar Choube confirmed that he had received a written complaint from Aamir Khan, his mother and his sister Nikhat that Faisal had gone missing from his apartment in Bandra. A missing person’s report was filed, which also stated that Faisal was being treated for paranoid schizophrenia. The complaint, signed by Aamir’s mother and sister, said that Faisal is “untraceable for the last two days”.

The case took a different turn when Mumbai Police revealed that they had received another letter from Faisal just a month before he disappeared (on September 29). In the letter Faisal alleged that Aamir was forcibly confining him at his house and force feeding him medicines.

Even though Aamir tried to communicate it to the press that Faisal is sick and had been off his pills because he was depressed, a section of the media had already decided to blow it up into a full-fledged scandal. Since the police had already received Faisal’s medical history from Aamir’s family, they decided not to play along with the media.

On October 16, Faisal was finally traced to a farmhouse in Khandala. Faisal seemed to be particularly angry with Aamir and kept on repeating that Aamir is trying to prove that he is mentally unstable. The police referred Faisal to JJ Hospital to find out the status of his health. As the court awaited Faisal’s health report, it was instructed that nobody be allowed to meet him, except for a close friend.

However, the media soon got hint of another court application from Aamir’s father where he had apparently said that his son is absolutely safe and not sick. He said that Faisal was just depressed after his divorce, and alleged that Aamir was using this situation to prove that Faisal is insane.

Though Aamir had no motive or an apparent gain by proving that his brother is sick, this issue started snowballing into a bigger crisis. As usual, the media assumed that Aamir is the one who is guilty because he chose to refrain from making any comment. Even though Aamir had already started his blog and he would regularly communicate with his fans, he had refrained from discussing the matter there too.

Before we end, we must point out that Faisal and Aamir had always shared a great relationship. In fact, insiders reveal that Aamir Khan had agreed to do a film called Mela simply because it would star Faisal alongside him. In the film, Faisal had a stronger character sketch than Aamir. The film was colossal flop at the box office and Faisal could never make a comeback. But before we go, here is a funny scene from the film that will make you smile.

In the concluding part of the post, we will tell you the story of how Aamir and his father finally came head-to-head. But for that, you will have to wait until tomorrow.

Here’s the earlier article of the series, just click on article title to read it. The silent Khan.

Short-link of the article-> http://wp.me/p3x1zT-eF

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