The silent Khan

aamir Khan silentI have never seen anybody who is as fiercely private as Aamir Khan. This Khan is known to talk less and contemplate more. He plans his moves so methodically and clinically that it hardly leaves room for an error.

If you look at the three Khans closely, you will find that all of them are radically different people.

Salman Khan will bare his heart if he is in the mood, otherwise he just clams up. Shah Rukh Khan will divert all your attention to some other topic if he does not want to answer your question. Aamir Khan, on the other hand, is made up of a different material.

Aamir will neither try to deflect your question nor bare his heart to you. He’s known to give politically correct answers and will usually pause to think for a few seconds before answering a ‘difficult’ question. Among the three Khans, Aamir is calculative to a fault.

Some critics disagree when it is said that Aamir is a better actor than Shah Rukh or Salman but all agree that he is a marketing genius. When it comes to marketing his films, Aamir has a certain knack which the other two clearly lack.

Among film distributors, Aamir is known to be a master when it comes to building up a curiosity for his upcoming film. He usually chairs all his marketing meetings and comes up with his own ideas. In most cases, the marketing teams willfully let Aamir take the call when it comes to marketing his films.

On the other hand, Shah Rukh’s marketing meetings are mostly led by his own staff who are seasoned professionals. They usually consult Shah Rukh after formulating all the ideas and plans. Sometimes Shah Rukh vets those plans while in most other cases, he is happy to just play his part.

Salman Khan usually steers clear of these meetings and hates to attend them unless somebody from his inner circle forces him to take part.

Calculative, measured, shrewd and a genius are some of the  adjectives that are usually tagged with Aamir. This Khan has got an impeccable record of breaking box office records with films that are considered landmarks in the history of Indian cinema.  Aamir is the only actor known to have cracked the formula with the masses as well as the classes.

Before we move on, here’s a video clip of a college-going Aamir Khan pleading with auto-rickshaw drivers in Bandra to let him stick the poster of his first film on their vehicles. Yes, that’s how he slogged to market his first film!

The Khan whose silence speaks louder than his words

Fiercely guarded about his private life, these days he has become more private than ever. People close to him say that Aamir has become even more contemplative. A family man, ask anybody close to him and they’ll tell you that, no matter what the nature of his work, he will drop everything and be at his family’s beck and call.

It is this side of Aamir Khan that has had him to endure the maximum pain. There was a time when he had become the punching bag of the media because of his troubled relationship with his father, film producer Tahir Hussain.

That Aamir chooses to fight silently in the face of a difficult situation became his bane as he was portrayed to be a monster by a section his family members which included his father. In the end, Aamir emerged victorious as silently as he endured the pain.

In this series, we will talk about the days when a ‘silent’ Aamir was flogged almost everyday in the press and the day he couldn’t remain silent anymore. But before that, here’s a funny anecdote just to lead you to the topic.

When Jiah Khan was called Aamir Khan’s step-sister!

We all know that Aamir and Jiah Khan starred together in a film called Ghajini  which catapulted her to stardom. Ghajini is the break that Jiah Khan was waiting for all her life and no matter how small her role is in the film, Jiah was noticed and appreciated. It opened up a lot of doors for her. Post Ghajini, Jiah Khan was a  star and was invited to perform on stage at award functions.

Here’s a video of Jiah Khan performing  at an award function. I feel she was truly a talent whom Bollywood refused to recognise in her last days.

Okay. Now we will get back to the funny anecdote. It was during the promotion of Ghajini that a section of the press stumbled upon a ‘fact’ that became grist for gossip – that Jiah Khan’s mother is a yesteryear’s actress called Rabiya Amin (that was Rabiya’s maiden name). It triggered off another set of rumours – that Jiah Khan is actually Aamir Khan’s step-sister! The story came out at a time when Ghajini promotions were at its peak. Now, how on earth did the press relate Aamir Khan to Jiah Khan? Well, there was something more than just the similar sounding surnames.

It was rumoured that Aamir’s father, Tahir Hussain was once in a relationship with Rabiya. He even produced a film, Dulha Bikta Hai (1982) with her starring in it. A section of the press wrote that Jiah is the long-lost daughter of Tahir Hussain! They even went on to compare the similarity between the facial features of Aamir and Jiah Khan! Don’t laugh now, it really happened!

When the rumours surfaced, a shocked Jiah Khan told clarified that her father is an American. She also said that though she doesn’t have too much information on her father but she’s sure about the fact that the person who fathered her is not definitely Tahir Hussain. A few days later, Aamir’s father clarified that he was never married to Rabiya, and that Jiah is not his daughter.

The scandal that threatened to assume the gigantic proportions, soon fizzled out.

However, this was not the first time that Aamir suddenly found himself in the middle of a huge controversy in the media because of his father. In fact, the above incident is nothing if you consider Tahir’s earlier bush with controversies that scalded his actor son.

We will talk about that controversy in our next post. But before that here’s a rare video of Aamir Khan and Sachin Tendulkar together for all you Aamir Khan fans out there.

Sachin Tendulkar and Aamir were neighbours in Bandra and they are still best friends. Sachin has been part of numerous promotional  exercises for Aamir Khan, one of the earliest among them was this muhurat shot for the film Andaz Apna Apna. Here’s the clip of the event.

In the next part of the post, we will talk about the biggest controversy that involved Aamir Khan and the troubled relationship with his father Tahir Hussain.

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