Exclusive! Police complaint against actor Aamir Ali’s mother

Aamir Ali with his wife Sanjeeda Sheikh.  Photo: Viral Bhayani

Aamir Ali with his wife Sanjeeda Sheikh.
Photo: Viral Bhayani

Sources at the Oshiwara Police Station in Andheri have confirmed that a police complaint has been lodged against Nargis Malik, television actor Aamir Ali’s mother.

In the complaint (see picture below), NRI Deepak Kavadia has alleged that he is being prevented entry to his own flat located at the posh Greenville apartments at Lokhandwala Circle. This is the same place where you get to buy the Subway sandwiches at Lokhandwala circle.

Copy of the police complaint filed against Nargis Malik by Deepak Kavadia

Copy of the police complaint filed against Nargis Malik by Deepak Kavadia

Sources have also revealed that Nargis too has registered a counter-complaint against Deepak at the same police station alleging that he is running illegal commercial activities from his residential apartment. Nargis is the chairman of the housing socety.

The case is being handled by Inspector Kadam though he hasn’t been able to broker peace between the two warring sides. Both have now seemed to have approached Police commissioner Satpal Singh with their individual complaints.The apartment is locked for the past one year as the owner stays in New York.

“One of the complainants has a problem as the apartment used to function as a make-shift office for a cable channel. However, there was no problem as the owner had closed the channel down and was staying in New York. Trouble started when Mr Kavadia started moving his things out of the apartment,” said the source.

Nargis, being the chairman of the society, immediately instructed the security of the building to prevent Kavadia and his staff from moving his things out of the apartment. They also issued a notice to prevent his staff from entering the building premises, a move which seems to have triggered the allegations and the counter-allegations.

Nargis have apparently also told the police that she is being threatened by Kavadia while Kavadia has claimed that he has not made a single call to her. Sources have also confirmed that in one of the meetings at the police station, Aamir Ali was also accompanying his mother. Meanwhile, Deepak has alleged that he be let inside his house immediately and the society has no power to stop a legal owner from getting inside his own apartment.

With both the sides not ready to talk to each other and alleging that the police is dragging its feet over the matter, FIRs have been registered against both parties.

“We haver taken the statement from both parties and we are investigating the matter,” said a police officer from Oshiwara police station on conditions of anonymity.

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  1. These bollywood actors and their family think they can break and twist the law like rubber.
    This is straight away a case of section 431 , police must arrest and Jt Registrar must dissolve the society immediatley.


  2. This happens every day, Society people thinks NRI’s dont stay here so they just do as they want. These people must be teach lessons, doesnot matter you are mother of an actor, you cannot break the law.


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