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Two years ago, I had a heart-to-heart chat with Shah Rukh Khan in Singapore.

I was part of the media contingent that was there to cover an award function and as usual, Shah Rukh was the star performer.

Unlike other bosses, my editor knew that I had a tough week looking for exclusives and she had indulgently said that the interviews of the top stars attending the event would suffice for the editorial agenda.

“Just send me the interviews and then you can relax,” she had said.

It basically meant that I only needed to speak to Shah Rukh Khan, Priyanka Chopra and Aishwarya Rai-Bachchan.

After going through a horrible week that assignment looked easy and I was quite happy.

Shah Rukh arrived on the day of his performance and said he will need just an hour to sync in with the background dancers and the stage management team.

The rest of the time, he declared, will be devoted to us – me and a journalist-friend from another reputed English newspaper. We decided to speak to him at his exclusive but cramped green room, backstage.

The day was going like clockwork as Shah Rukh finished his practice well in time and settled down with us, incessantly puffing on his trademark Classic cigarettes which comes in red packets.

Just before he joined us, I was checking his Twitter account and found that he hadn’t tweeted for a long time. That made me curious. I had started wondering whether he had stopped using his newly gifted Iphone or had shifted back to his old love, a black and silver Blackberry Bold.

‘Twitter broke my heart’

Those were the exact words he used to describe his experiences when I asked him why he had stopped tweeting. Frankly, I was not expecting such an answer.

Shah Rukh then went on to describe how a bunch of faceless, nameless morons who had opened fake and misleading handles on the micro-blogging site would go on showering expletives on him and his family.

The worst part? They would do it just for the kick of it and there wouldn’t be any apparent reason for that action.

Some would just wake up, post a few gaalis in Hindi or in absolutely wrong English and then go back to sleep again. The gaalis would mostly contain words that referred to a man’s or a woman’s genitals.

I never heard a similar complaint from Salman Khan. I then went back to check with Aamir because he too was on Twitter and didn’t seem to tweet much. I was told Aamir too was upset with those faceless people on Twitter.

Salman wasn’t complaining probably because he had practically never clicked on “@”.  He was just happy tweeting.

After a few more meetings with the other stars attending the event, I realised that the problem was generic and much bigger than I had imagined.

Most of the stars were reeling under the negativity that these ‘twit fans’ were spreading.

The reports of stars getting abused on social media were not new but the monstrosity of the problem sunk in when I actually spoke to a lot of them in person.

Every star was capable of giving these ‘twits’ a fitting reply and trust me, they perhaps knew more sinister Hindi gaalis. The problem was: They couldn’t do it because they were public figures on social media.

A few actors showed me some of those abusive tweets and I was ashamed of the fact that I breathe the same air as those people posting those tweets.

Who are these people?

I did a small survey of people who have opened those so-called funny and fake accounts on twitter and frequently post explicit jokes. When they are not doing that, these ‘jokers’ go on a star-abusing spree.

Take this now: A large part of these frustrated ‘tards’ include senior managers, students studying technology/engineering, senior officials in IT and people calling themselves journalists.

A little investigation and diligence can expose 80% of this population.

A large part of that ‘twit universe’ is occupied by two sets of people: One who called themselves fans of Shah Rukh Khan and the others, the Salman Khan fans.

We can do without these ‘Bhaitards’

shah rukh and salman lastIt happened again on Tuesday night.

Suddenly two contrasting trends appeared on Twitter’s India map. One was directed towards Salman Khan and the other, towards Shah Rukh Khan.

The worst part of those trends was that it included terms describing one’s sexuality in the most regressive way possible.

I don’t want to go into the details of these trends because I don’t think I am a part of this ‘tards’ brigade. I saw the tweets and it made me puke in disgust.

Trust me, both Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan can do without you guys.

Both SRK and Sallu don’t want fans like you.

Go ask them.

You guys have no shame, no education, no courage and absolutely no sense of decency.

You guys are a bunch of frustrated and sexually starved morons. It is just masturbation that you indulge in everyday by giving gaalis to a Bollywood star who you seem to have fallen in love with and just want his attention.

Some of you are more clever. You go and tweet with the same derogatory hashtag and say that those hashtags should not be used while tweeting.

After posting a tweet like that you may feel aroused but people like us who have studied beyond class ten can see through your act.

None of you have the courage to come out with your photograph or your name.

You know that if anybody caught you, they can teach you some better gaalis that involves your family members or your genitals.

We have studied beyond standard ten, you know. And pity, that you guys look like uneducated idiots.

I am so ashamed of you guys.

I am sure Salman and Shah Rukh are ashamed of you too.

You don’t like this post? Why don’t you go ahead and post all the gaalis that involve my mother who’s no more, my sister, my girlfriend or an imaginary boyfriend.

I will read each one of your tweets, comments and posts.

Arrey! Are you climaxing hearing that?

Yeah baby!

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