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Let’s start with a shocking gossip doing the rounds these days: The Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) in Mumbai has apparently stumbled upon clinching evidence against a reputed actor wife’s drug abuse.

I have found out through my Bollywood sources that the gossip is true.

We are not talking about ganja or weed here, which is said to be Bollywood’s favourite pastime. Besides, I am told that the NCB doesn’t generally waste its time on tracking ganja.

This actor-wife is addicted to cocaine and occasionally trips on marijuana too.

After keeping her on their radar for two years, sources say, that sleuths might finally close in on her.

However, she might not be arrested immediately because a lot of similar initiatives by the NCB have reportedly been scuttled in the past. We will have to wait and see if the police is finally able to nail this woman.

For all my readers who are quick off-the-block with their comments, I won’t let you pin-point towards her till she is caught by the cops. The police is apparently gathering more evidence and if the sleuths are able to nail her, I will publish all the comments who have predicted her name successfully.

Till then, those comments will remain with me. Sorry for that. So, don’t despair if some of your comments are not published immediately.

Here are some bits and pieces that I was able to gather about the investigation which is underway for a long time now.

She had recently procured 10 grams of cocaine

drug addict girl again

My sources say that the actor-wife is already known as a ‘junkie’ among her close friends and they have tried numerous times to get her off dope with little success.

If the accounts of her close friends are anything to go by, then her drug abuse has increased many folds in the last couple of months. Disturbed over her personal life, she has started giving in more and more to substance abuse.

Known for snorting cocaine in measured quantities, this actor’s wife had recently ordered a fairly large consignment from her peddler. The consignment was of 10 grams of cocaine.

According to our law, possessing less than two grams of a contraband substance is not considered a big crime; you can actually get away by paying a fine.

Hence, if you posses more than two grams of cocaine in your purse, as the law sees it, will imply that you were getting the drug to sell it.

If the drugs that are found on you is more than two grams, then it will surely attract a jail term. There is no way you can escape jail even if you hire the best lawyer to defend you in court.

I am told that the cops have already gathered evidence against her and if they wish, can bring her in for interrogation any day.

The problem is: For some reason, the police hasn’t really acted and have been apparently sitting on the investigations for quite some time.

The peddler who was kept under the radar for so many months, hasn’t been arrested either.

Sources say that the police feels that they haven’t gathered enough evidence against the star wife and are still on the hunt for more proof. They all know that coming out with the allegations will be like throwing in a slice of bacon in front of the starving Indian media who haven’t been fed with a celebrity scandal for months.

I am told that the cops are waiting to catch her while buying cocaine though I am informed they have already let go of one such opportunity.

How the police stumbled on her identity

drug abuse

I don’t think I need to write an elaborate article about Bollywood and drug abuse. It probably dates back to the 80s when drug use had become rampant.

Many Bollywood stars have been implicated so far, a lot of them in Dubai too. Articles after articles have been written about Bollywood’s drug abuse.

But this time, the case is different – this woman is well-respected in certain page three circles and this is making the police tread very cautiously.

The prominent actor-cum-husband, who is unaware of the developments, is too busy to understand what might descend upon his family soon.

Sources say that the star wife has a strange habit, she doesn’t consume drugs alone. She takes drugs at her closed-door pyjama parties along with her girl pals. Apparently, this habit of her’s is the biggest advantage that the police has.

“She has this habit of sponsoring coke for everybody. If you party with her then you don’t need to pay for your snort. She procures it and distributes it. There are two designers in her circle as well. I know that she doesn’t charge money and everything is given away free of cost. Actually that is what makes her parties so attractive,” said an assistant to a stylist, who happened to be “outside” the room when one of these parties was underway.

Let’s consider that her pals consume half a gram each and since she has at least five close junkie pals (at any party thrown by her) then the amount of drugs needed each time has to be above 2 grams. This is the calculation that the police hopes will land her in trouble. Sources say that the next consignment that is scheduled to be delivered to her will be of at least 12 grams.

If the police really pulls up their socks and acts, then she is definitely going to jail.

The biggest problem in front of the police is to get there unannounced since they will have to get past layers of security. There are very few means to get to her without going past her elaborate security cordon when such parties are on. Besides, these parties are always held on private properties making accessibility all the more difficult for the detectives.

Don’t worry, the cops have several ways to get to the culprit if they really want to nab her.

The hardest part of their job is to get a go-ahead for such operations. I believe that the go-ahead for the operation is still pending. Otherwise I don’t understand why the cops haven’t acted on their sources’ information for such a long time.

Perhaps somebody from their department will come across this blog and it will inspire them to renew their efforts.

All over again.


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Mamta Kulkarni latest colour

In my last blog I shared an exclusive photograph of Vicky Goswami and told you the story of how from being a simple supplier of drugs at high-profile parties of Mumbai, he stepped into the business of manufacturing drugs.

I also shared an exclusive photo of Vicky Goswami from the police files of South Africa. On your left (below) is the original version of the photo that I got. This is also the last photo of Vicky that the police have got.

Today, I will tell you the story of how Vicky Goswami became the undisputed drug kingpin in Southeast Asia. The story of his rise to the top of the drug chain is captivating to say the least.

I also told you that the ex-president of the South African Football Federation, Irvin Khoja, played a prominent role in shaping Vicky’s career. He allegedly played Godfather to Vicky in South Africa.

Here is a newspaper report detailing his ‘murky past‘ in case you are interested to know more about Irvin Khoja.

To know about a gangster, one should always refer to his Godfather. In this case, Khoja and his dealings have always been shrouded in controversy. Here is another newspaper report that talks about the mounting public pressure on Khoja that ultimately led to his resignation from the South African Football Federation.

But before you go into this story, I suggest you read to the first story again as this story is a continuation of the earlier post.

Vicky Goswami final

(1) How Vicky became the number one drug supplier (Mandrax) to South African dealers

In 1983, Irvin Khoza was arrested at Lusaka International Airport after he was caught with a box of Mandrax tablets while boarding a flight to South Africa.

The consignment that Irvin was carrying soon led to Milanos Constantino who was the only other Mandrax supplier apart from Vicky Goswami to Khoja. Constantino was a far bigger supplier than Vicky and Vicky who came a distant second when it came matters of turnover. Hence Vicky was more of a loyalist than a friend of Constantino. But after this much-publicised haul, the Zambian police started closing in on Constantino, a Greek national. He soon fled the country after an arrest warrant was issued against him.

Before Constantino left Zambia, he willingly handed over the reigns of his empire to Vicky in the hope that one day Vicky will return his empire to him.

Nobody heard of Constantino again and Vicky became the undisputed druglord of Zambia.

(2) Why Vicky had to leave Zambia overnight

The absence of Constantino virtually made Vicky the only contact Khoza had in Zambia.

Goswami remained in Zambia and continued dealing in drugs. Being the only manufacturer of Mandrax, Vicky soon amassed such huge wealth that it was impossible for him to hide it anymore.

Goswami became powerful and rich within a small time and the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) of the country soon started investigating him for alleged drug trafficking.

After the investigations, the commission found him guilty and recommended that Goswami should be deported back to India and declared a “prohibited immigrant”. The news was publicly published in a Government Gazette of Zambia on 28th January, 1994. This was done to alert police officials, who were on Vicky’s side, to stay away. An alert was sounded at the airports within 24 hours.

But before Goswami could be served with deportation papers, he fled to South Africa, allegedly with the help of Irvin Khoja.

(3) Vicky lands in South Africa

Even though he left Zambia within 24 hours of the police alert that was sounded against him, Goswami could bring in some of the wealth that he had managed to amass. He, of course, brought his supreme organisational skills as well.

Police records indicate that Goswami started investing in real estate soon after he arrived in Johannesburg. He bought a house in Bryanston and offices in Sandown.

Soon, he was back in business and started trading in drugs. Here too he rose quickly and created so much of wealth that it was difficult for him to remain low-key.

His most dramatic move was when he purchased a private jet to move his consignment from Lanseria Airport located near Johannesburg This is exactly when he came under the radar of the South African police.

But the police didn’t bust his private logistical network, instead they started trailing him for more clues.

(4) Vicky’s downfall in South Africa

Jordaan, chief executive of South Africa's 2010 organising committee, and Khoza, chairman of 2010 World Cup local organising committee, talk to journalists in JohannesburgIt is alleged that Vicky Goswami operated his own Mandrax manufacturing factory in Johannesburg and had some of the South African Narcotic Bureau (SANAB) officials on his payroll. Hence he never got caught.

But trying to settle old scores landed Vicky in big trouble. Vicky found himself on a sticky wicket when a self-confessed drug dealer, Robert “Rocks” Dlamini, disappeared while he was on his way to meet Irvin Khoja on the 6th April 1995.

Police records state that Dlamini was picked by two men in a car to meet Khoja.

According to the police report filed by Dlamini’s family, he was supposed to collect a R1.5-million (Rands) payment that Vicky owed him. The money was from a drug deal that went sour and Khoza was collecting the sum on Vicky’s behalf.

But within 30 minutes of Dlamini entering Khoza’s house, two gunshots were heard.

Till date, Dlamini’s dead body has not been found and the Johannesburg police has instituted a reward of R250 000 (Rands) reward for any information about his whereabouts. The reward has not been claimed since 1996.

The case remains unsolved till date but though independent investigations by newspapers in South Africa have straightaway put the blame on Vicky and Irvin. Here is one such report.

(5) Vicky is exposed in a sting operation

Soon an investigative journalist called Chris Steyn-Barlow was put on Vicky’s trail with the active help and cooperation of the Johannesburg Police. Steyn-Barlow did a sting operation on him and the expose was published under the headline, ‘Biggest drug lord in SA builds huge empire’ on March 28 1996.

Just like what he did in Zambia, Goswami abruptly left the country and landed in Mumbai. He left behind a posse of luxury cars and properties worth millions of Rands which was seized by the police. The private jet that was parked at the Lanseria airport was also seized by the authorities.

(6) Vicky moves to Dubai and gets jailed

After staying in Mumbai for a few months, Goswami moved to Dubai where he tried to rebuild his drug empire. He allegedly set up two Mandrax manufacturing plants in Dubai after bribing some local officials there.

But the South African police kept following him and helped the Dubai police to nab him. Johannesburg police also started a joint operation to nab his business partners in Mozambique and South Africa and it soon led them to his supply chain.

The Dubai police was contacted and Goswami was arrested with Mandrax worth $6-million in 1997. He was convicted and handed down a life imprisonment term. Following his arrest in Dubai, the Narcotics Control Bureau busted some his links in India. Here is one such reportThe Dubai Police too made a few arrests after interrogating Goswami, here is another report.

(7) Vicky Goswami is freed from Dubai jail

The rest of the story is quite known and this is where the South African police loses Vicky’s trail.

Vicky, now 52 years old, was released from the Dubai prison on November 15, 2012, 16 years after he was sentenced to life imprisonment for smuggling 843 kg of methaqualone (Mandrax) and establishing two factories in Dubai to make the drug.

Vicky’s release from jail was very hush-hush and it only made it to the newspapers in South Africa where he ruled as a drug-lord once. Newspaper reports also speculated that Vicky is also looking to inch his way back into South Africa to claim his lost fiefdom. That speculation is wrong.

“A life sentence in Dubai is in effect 25 years, but prisoners can apply for early release on various grounds. Apart from good conduct, these include learning to recite passages from the Qu’ran or converting to Islam. To strengthen his clemency appeal, Goswami converted to Islam and was married according to Islamic rites while incarcerated,” says the article that appeared in the Mail & Guardian newspaper of South Africa which followed the drug lord after his release.

Sources have confirmed that the girl who Goswami married to was, in fact, Mamta Kulkarni.

Though the opposition lawyers strongly opposed his clemency appeal saying that he was an international criminal, the court pardoned him on grounds that he was a reformed criminal and a devout Muslim. The court also ordered that he be deported to India.

Sources say that Vicky arrived in India during December 2012 and left for Kenya soon after. Vicky did not have any specific criminal cases pending against him in India and along with his new name, it was easier for him to fly to Kenya.

This is where we all lose trail of Mamta Kulkarni’s partner, Vicky Goswami.


Update on October 13, 2013: “The person in the photo is not Vicky Goswami,” says Mamta Kulkarni on her latest blog addressed to me. Fairness demands that I acknowledge the rejoinder. Here is link to the denial -> http://bit.ly/17mUKYj


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The untold story of Vicky Goswami

Mamta Kulkarni and Vicky Goswami

In an earlier blog, I had told you the story of how the authorities in Johannesburg tried to establish contact with me in the hope that I will lead them to former drug baron Vicky Goswami.

Goswami is the live-in partner of former Bollywood actress Mamta Kulkarni even though official documents in Dubai allegedly describe them as husband and wife.

Mamta Kulkarni in an interview to me denied that she is married to Vicky Goswami, but eventually went on to admit that she is deeply in love with him.

Currently, Vicky tops the ‘most wanted list’ in Johannesburg and he is wanted for his alleged role in one of the near perfect crimes in the history of South Africa — the murder of one its infamous drug lords, Robert ‘Rocks’ Dlamini.

It seems that my sources in Johannesburg are desperate to keep the conversation going. Now, they have invented another tactic which they think would keep me hooked to the ongoing dialogue between us.

I have been granted access to something that nobody in India has had the privilege of — the top-secret criminal files of Vicky Goswami. And that’s how I could access the latest photograph of Goswami that is there in the police files of Johannesburg.

I am publishing the photo here without the permission of Johannesburg Police. I am really sorry.

I couldn’t resist it as this is for the first time that Vicky’s photograph is being published anywhere in the world as it has always been the exclusive property of Johannesburg police.
vicky goswami permission (174x205)

Along with the photograph, here is some exclusive information about Vicky. This information has never been published anywhere before.

I am again sorry for letting things out without permission. You see, being a journalist one cannot resist the urge to write when you have exclusive information. I am giving in to the lure.

Hope everybody concerned will understand.

The story of the rise and fall of Mamta Kulkarni’s alleged husband reads like a Bollywood script and surely makes for a gripping film. Who knows, It might allow us some respite from watching the Bollywood versions of Dawood Ibrahim, over and over again?

So, here is the story that nobody told you before.

The history-sheet of Vijay ‘Vicky’ Goswami

(1) Vicky’s early days in Mumbai: Very little is documented about Vicky Goswami’s initial days as a drug-dealer in Mumbai. During the early days of his criminal career (in the 1980s), Goswami gained popularity by supplying drugs to high-profile party goers in Mumbai.

His exact parentage is not known but it is certain he knew how to speak Bengali and Assamese fluently giving rise to the speculation that he hails from one of these regions. Vicky parents died early and police records don’t have any mention of a sibling though a lot of people speculate that he has a sister somewhere.
Mamta Kulkarni latest1 (472x640)

Vicky was very popular in Bollywood as he used to supply Mandrax tablets (a drug that induces hallucinations) to party-goers and that’s how he became the number one drug supplier among celebrity addicts. He was so popular that at one point of time, celebrity parties in Mumbai were incomplete without him.

By selling Mandrax at very high rates in Mumbai parties, Goswami amassed huge wealth and even started investing in the hotel business. He allegedly bought a hotel in South Mumbai with the money from his drug dealings.

After he mastered art of drug dealing, he became ambitious and wanted to graduate to managing the supply chain of Mandrax tablets. To serve this purpose, he made up his mind to go to Zambia where the drug was manufactured.

Besides, Goswami’s luck in Mumbai was running out as the Anti-Narcotics Bureau of the Mumbai Police was zeroing in on him.

Soon, Vicky was on a plane to Zambia.

(2) Vicky migrates to Zambia: With superb brains and networking skills, Goswami soon took control of a Mandrax factory in Zambia. It was not easy for Vicky to set up a factory in a foreign land and that too in Zambia where the crime rate is one of the highest.

One must credit Goswami with the courage and skills that he showed at that point of time. An ambitious Vicky was quick on his steps and began expanding his operations through his contacts in Mumbai.

Police records state that at least two attempts were made on his life and Vicky survived both of them to establish a Mandrax factory in Zambia. He greased the palms of the authorities and established a large gang of locals who worked under him.

He soon started a new supply chain of Mandrax tablets to India through Mumbai. His operations started increasing sharply as there was a huge demand for Mandrax among the elite clientele. However, Vicky couldn’t be the top drug supplier as it was firmly occupied by a Greek called Milanos Constantino.

(3) Vicky meets his Godfather: Vicky’s fate took a dramatic turn for the better when he came in contact with a businessman called Irvin Khoja.

Khoja was the chairperson of Orlando Pirates Football club in South Africa and later became the chairman of South Africa’s 2010 FIFA World Cup bid.

Khoja was successful in his bid and managed to host the World Cup in South Africa in 2010. That turned him into one of the biggest celebrities and businessmen of South Africa.

Though Khoja was popularly known as the ‘Iron Duke’ and even honoured with a civilian title by the president of South Africa, there were several criminal cases against him.

It was by sheer coincidence that Vicky came in contact with Khoja.

Police records say that the criminal history of Khoja dates back to 1978 when a case of fraud was registered against him at the Johannesburg Central Police Station (case number 88/8/1978). He was convicted and sentenced to 12 months in jail but he managed to dodge that by paying a fine of R3000 (Rands) on February 5 1979.

More than a year later, another fraud case was filed against Khoja at the same police station in June 1980 (case number 100/6/1980). In another separate case, he was sentenced to nine months imprisonment and he again escaped a jail term after paying R2000 as fine on September 18, 1981.

After paying fines after fines to escape jail terms, Khoja made up his mind to start a ‘legitimate’ business and started importing wines from Zambia.

It was during one of those wine appreciation trips to Zambia that Khoja was allegedly introduced to two international drug barons — Vijay “Vicky” Goswami and Milanos Constantino.

This proved to the turning point of Vicky Goswami’s career as from here there was no looking back for him.

For the rest of the story, please wait for the next instalment tomorrow.


Update on October 13, 2013: “The person in the photo is not Vicky Goswami,” says Mamta Kulkarni on her latest blog addressed to me. Fairness demands that I acknowledge the rejoinder. Here is link to the denial -> http://bit.ly/17mUKYj

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